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‘Chronos Override’ is a sound machine that uses ‘real time’ twitter data to create a human-machine symbiotic audio-visual performance. It also allows creative off-line text encryption. The project is an exploration at the intersection of New Instruments for Musical Expression and contemporary data privacy concerns.

Each sonic piece is unique and unrepeatable due to the the data-generated music: the random seed is not algorithm-based, it is human. It is created by a live stream of tweets and the user’s creative input. The device aims to trigger a reflection about how time and patience can make everything relative, from our data based digital persona and ideas to our deepest hopes and worries. It also explores the impact that data immediate nature and 24/7 connectivity has on this relativity.

By redesigning encryption as a creative, user-friendly tool, the artist intervenes the obscure nature of high-tech tools. The statement made is that this tools have become a social necessity. They need to evolve in a user friendly way to adapt to contemporary necessities. The goal is to empower people to reclaim control over decisions made about their own data, rather than become anonymous political tools.                       

Project exhibited in December 2019 at Elephant and Castle, London.

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